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Every Wedding Photography Style Couples Should Know

A wedding is one of the most remarkable moments in life, as it marks the beginning of a new journey with your beloved partner. It is a day filled with joy, love, and celebration as the couple exchanges their vows and celebrates the start of their life together. As such, you must ensure you take good pictures of this occasion.

Of course, it’s about hiring the best wedding photographer and choosing the best wedding photography style, including documentary-style wedding photography. When it comes to wedding photography, couples have more choices than ever. 

With the rise of digital photography, couples can choose from various styles, from traditional to more modern and creative. Understanding the different wedding photography styles can help couples choose the style that best suits their wedding day.

There are different photography styles you can have for your wedding, including:

Artistic Style

Wedding photographers who want to exercise their creativity and express their artistic vision may opt for an artistic style. Artistic wedding photography is a unique form of photography that focuses on capturing the beauty and emotion of the wedding day creatively and artistically.

Instead of traditional posed photographs, artistic wedding photography, including candid wedding photography, captures the natural beauty and emotion of the day in a series of candid and artistic shots. For example, they may use special lighting, composition, and angles to create a stunning image. They may also use creative editing techniques to add texture and depth to the images.

Candid Style

Some couples are awkward with creating poses or want to capture natural moments of their wedding day. For those couples, candid wedding photography is the perfect style. Candid wedding photography captures all day’s emotions and special moments without forced poses.

Although this type is often mistaken with an artistic and documentary style, candid style focuses on capturing real and spontaneous moments without any posed shots. The photographer will be in the background, capturing the moments as they happen without any interference. This type of authentic wedding photography often produces some of the most beautiful and emotional images.

Documentary Style

Documentary wedding photography is a combination of both candid and artistic photography. It captures the actual moments of the day and includes creative elements to create stunning images. This type of unposed wedding photography  photography is perfect for couples who want to capture the emotions and special moments of their wedding day and artistic elements.

The photographer will use natural light, creative angles, and compositions to create stunning images. They may also use special effects and editing techniques to add texture and depth to the images.

Dramatic Style

This type has been quite common with wedding photographers as of late. It is a style that uses dramatic lighting, angles, and mood to create stunning images. This style, including natural wedding photography, is perfect for couples who want to evoke a sense of drama and romance in their wedding images. The photographer will use natural light, shadows, and special effects to create stunning images.

Final Thoughts

Couples should understand the different styles of wedding photography available. Remember, every style has something to offer, and it is up to the couple to decide which style is right for them. By understanding the different styles, couples can make an informed decision that will ensure they get the real wedding moments photography.

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